The faculty of Bio sciences offer the following programmes for undergraduates

Applied Biochemistry       B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Biochemistry

Applied Microbiology and Brewing  B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Microbiology and Brewing

Botany    B.Sc. (Hons) Botany

Parasitology and Entomology B.Sc. (Hons)  Paristology and Entomology

Zoology B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology


Applicants who sat for the Universities Matriculation Examination (UME/UTME) may be admitted into the first year degree programme if;
i. They attain the approved UME(UTME) minimum score
ii. By the first day of October of the year of admission they  possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) or General Certificate of Education (Ordinary level) or equivalent certificate with credit level passes in at least five subjects including English language obtained in one or two sittings.
iii. In addition to the University general requirements, applicants must satisfy the Faculty/Departmental requirements for the programmes of their choice as approved by the University Senate.

Admission by Direct Entry
Applicants for admission by direct entry shall;

i.Satisfy the requirements as outlined in (ii) and (iii) under admission, above.

ii. Possess at least one of the following qualifications

a. At least two subjects passed at the advanced or principal level of GCE/HSC

b. Passes at the credit/merit level in at least two major subjects in the NCE

c. A minimum of a lower credit pass at the ND in the relevant discipline

d. A first university degree or HND or its equivalent.

e. Any other qualifications acceptable to the Senate

Admission from Pre-Science Programme

A  Offer of admission shall be made to those candidates who have successfully completed the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Pre-Science programme and who;

(i) Possess the Senior Secondary School certificate or the General Certificate of Education (ordinary level) or equivalent certificate with passes at credit level in at least five subjects obtained in one or two sittings and including at least two science subjects chosen from Agricultural Science/Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics/Mathematics, Health Science, Home Economics/ Home Management, Physics or any such science subject(s) acceptable to Senate.

(ii) Pass the final examination in the Pre-Science programme with at least 200 marks and attain the cut-off mark for any of his three chosen courses for that year.

(iii) Have paid all the prescribed fees of the Pre-Science Unit.


There is also admission through JUPEB: (Joint University Preliminary Examination Board).

Admission by Inter-University transfer

(i) Inter-University transfer admission into the Nnamdi Azikiwe University shall only be allowed in exXceptional circumstances to be determined by the University Admission Committee.
(ii) Where the Committee decides that it is necessary to accept a candidate on inter university transfer, such a candidate who must be in good academic standing and has spent at least academic year in a recognized transfer to continue with his current programme of study to transfer into a new one.
(iii) Transfer shall not be allowed into the first or final year of au programme.
(iv) A candidate requesting for transfer shall
a. Meet the necessary requirements as contained in both the general entry requirements and the Faculty/Departmental requirements.
b. Satisfy Faculty/ Departrmental requirements
c. Return a completed transfer form, obtained from the Registrarat the prescribed fee.
d. Ensure that the Registrar of his /her current University forwards his/her full transcript to Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
e. All completed transfer forms shall be processed by the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of Department to determine appropriate course of study, waivers, year of study and the year of admission.
(vi) The results of (v) above shal be presented to the Admission Committee of Senate for Consideration and approval.
(vii) If admitted the student shall
(a) Earn waivers for only those relevant courses his/her previous university. passed in b) Receive a formal letter of transfer/admission n from the Registrar stating the department, the programme into which admitted, waivers granted, the year of study and the session the candidate shall be registered in.
(viii)All transfers shall be completed before the registration week of each academic session.

Admission by Inter-Departmental transfer

i. Any student of the Faculty of Biosciences, in line with the regulations of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, can seek transfer into another department or programme after at least academic year in the University.
ii. No transfer shall, however, be allowed into the first or final year of any programme.
iii. For all transfers, a candidate shall:
a. Have obtained a CGPA of not less than 0.60, otherwise he shall be required to comply with regulations regarding withdrawal from the University on academic grounds.
b. Apply to the Registrar on the prescribed form enclosing photocopies of qualifying certificate(s), and certified statements of results for all semesters spent so far.
c. Meet the admission requirements applicable to the year of study of the programme into which he seeks transfer.
d. Satisfy the Faculty/ Departmental transfer requirements. Earn waivers for only those relevant courses passed in his former department.
e. Collect from Admissions Office a transfer letter stating the new programme, the approved year of study, and the courses for which waivers had been granted.
iv. All completed transfer forms shall be processed by the Faculty Board and the Departmental Board involved in the transfe, to determine appropriate programme of study, waivers, and year of study.
V. All transfer cases shall be presented to the Admissions Committee of Senate for consideration and approval.
vi. All transfers shall be completed before the registration week of each academic session
vi. On registration, the candidate shall be issued a new registration code by the Registrar.

Deferment of Admission
i. Candidates to be considered for deferment of admission shall be only those candidates admitted through UME or Direct Entry.
i. Applications to JAMB for deferment of admission shall he copied to the Registrar, Nnamdi Azikiwe University and shall be made within the first 2(two) weeks of the session
Continuing Education Programme (CEP)
All applicants into the CEP are expected to
i. Complete and submit to Nnamdi Azikiwe University an application form for admission.
ii. Satisfy the basic (0′ level) entry requirements or the prescribed direct entry requirements where applicable.

Pre- Science Programme
Nnamdi Azikiwe University operates a Pre-science programme for the Faculties of Biosciences, Physical Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Technology. All applicants into the Pre-Science programme must:
i. Complete and submit to the Pre-Science Unit an application for admission on the prescribed form obtained from that Unit.
ii. Possess the Senior Secondary school Certificate or the Generdl Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) or equivalent certificate with passes at credit level in at least five subjecis obtained in one or two sittings and including at least o science subjects chosen from Aaricultural Sciencer Chemistry, Health Science/Biology, Home Economics/home management, Mathematics/Further Mathematics, Physios any such science(s) acceptable to Senate.